Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scary thought

This is why I haven't been sharing too many food photos as of late.

Chili with nachos.

Now I know that for many this is not that scary a thought. Basically most meals for me consist of the thought, "How can I incorporate a dairy product? What? You mean I can have more than one at a time?"

This all started because I like to top chili with sour cream to cut the heat of the peppers I am so fond of including. This would be after I stirred in a little grated cheese. And the tortilla chips quickly became a substitute for cornbread. Because you don't need to cook tortilla chips. After some time the idea evolved. Why not take the cheese out of the chili and put it on the chips? Then you have cheese-covered chips to dip into the chili.

So I've had this combo a couple of times this week -- for breakfast. I am a firm believer that it doesn't matter what you eat for breakfast as long as you eat something. That's how I used to justify eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's for breakfast in the past.

Oh, the gasps and screams can start now...

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