Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Waiting for the positive

I purposefully did not post yesterday. I never know quite what to say. It was an extremely painful time period for me and I'm trying to put it all behind me. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

Last week I learned that a guy who had grown up in the house across the street from my mom's house was gunned down and killed. Around the corner from my mom's house. I remember the sweet smiling little boy and want to cry.

Monday evening my stepmother called. My father is in the hospital once more. Supposedly he is out now. Not sure what was going on but he was in a lot of pain and his white blood cell count was up.

I called my mother (Yes, we are speaking again.) at my grandmother's house to tell her about the former neighbor and my dad. My mother asked why I hadn't been in contact with a certain cousin. Somehow I lost her number. Now I have it. She's back living with her mom. Because she has MS and is not in good shape. She's one of my "older sisters." I will call later today.

So 2007 continues to bite.

Oh, and I had my third interview for a job yesterday. One that would be OK if they actually paid a decent amount. If they still like me, then I'll have to go in for a fourth interview. Not too many other prospects out there so I might just end up having to take the job with the so-so salary. *sigh*

I think that I'll just spend some more quality time with the cats.

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