Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look, BellaKarma. No meat.

Summery Corn Soup

So I know that Biggles will not be thrilled with this post. But you know what? One does not have to have meat with every meal.

My mother and I toyed with this concept through the late 70s and the early 80s. Why? Many reasons. After my parents divorced, money was tight at first. My mom's younger sister has been a pescetarian since the early 70s also. My mother and I both love seafood. Well, my mother loves shellfish and I love just about anything that comes out of the water. But we also enjoy the occasional pork chop or rack of lamb. *sigh*

Before I threw on the trout last night, I started this dish. Well, it had a lot more cooking time. I knew that I would tout it for BellaKarma. Often she looks at the dishes I cook and post here and tries to think of vegetarian options for them. Not necessary here. This soup is completely vegetarian. No. Scratch that. It is vegan. I must admit that vegan is an extreme rarity in my cooking. I just love those dairy products so much. In fact, I have yet to meet a dairy product that I don't like.

And now I must reassure BellaKarma some more. It's not that complex a recipe. Really. I must admit that I was dreading that whole straining thing but it went quickly. And as you see, I went for yellow tomatoes throughout the entire recipe. I was briefly tempted to put in more than two chiles but then I came to my senses. Thank goodness.

Bottom line. This is something that I'd definitely make again.

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