Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Death and food

So it seems that I was tagged by Cookie Crumb last week but just got around to reading the post. Here goes.

5 Things to Eat Before You Die

1. Fish tacos from a roadside truck in Baja California.
I've tried them in restaurants up here but they're never quite the same. Once place served chunks of fish in their tacos. Ewwww. It should be a complete fillet. And then there's the need for shredded cabbage and whatever that white sauce is. Oh, and avocado too. Not guacamole but slices of avocado.

2. Pulled barbeque sandwich from Pierce's in Williamsburg.
The place is off of I-64 and reached popularity due to the recommendations of truckers. They cook the meat in a cathedral oven out back. Most barbeque places go heavy on the vinegar for their chopped barbeque. The other big difference is that you get the occasional crispy piece in the mix. Whenever I'm back visiting my grandmother, I drive the 30 minutes just to have a sandwich. Yes, I want cole slaw on it. And where's the bottle of Texas Pete?

3. Blue crabs boiled up with Chesapeake Bay seasoning.
No need for anything fancy here. Just a lot of newspapers (to dump the crabs onto) and lots of napkins. The thought of this reminds me of summertime in Maryland and Virginia. Marcia can tell you the best places in Baltimore to dine upon this great stuff. This is another item I often had at my grandmother's house.

4. Ice cream from Bombay Ice Creamery or gelato from Naia.
I love all the unusual flavors. And apparently Naia is having a flavor contest.

5. Japanese Fruit Cake.
My other grandmother used to make this for the holidays for one of my uncles. After her death, I asked family members if they remembered it. They did not. The next day as they were going through her papers, they found the recipe for it that she had clipped from a newspaper eons ago. I like to think that she guided them to that clipping. A year later the uncle for whom she used to make it also died. I have since found a number of variations on the internet. This one is probably the closest to what my grandmother made. I also now occasionally make it for my family during the holidays.

Now I guess I have to tag some folks. I think I'll go with Gloria, Daniel, Tami and Knitting Pagan. Somehow I think that all of you probably have some pretty strong opinions about food.

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