Saturday, September 23, 2006

Like a kid

I spent the last couple of days straightening up. I haven't been inspired to do that in quite some time. That's why I should throw dinner parties on a regular basis. All the fuss? The Drummer Boy. (I know that Tami said it as a joke but that was my first thought also. If I could do the song lyric of the "beat," I would. Help me out someone.)

I finally remembered to give him a call last night. Why? Because he was trying to cut out of work early to hit the road. (I simply adore guys who have to drive a distance to see me. It means that I can be up to all kinds of mischief while they are gone -- not that I would. It's just the thought that I could.) I originally thought that I would be heading home straight from work. And then I remembered the hair appointment. My stylist is just short of a magician. And my hair? It could use some magic because it's in such bad shape. No way I am going to cancel a coveted appointment. So I called hoping to leave a message. Because he was supposed to have a gig last night. Turns out the lead singer had a slight case of laryngitis so the gig was canceled. I mean it was only Sacto. (Yes, that was said in a slightly sarcastic voice. Only slightly so though.)

So the boy answered and we ended up on the phone for about an hour. What can I say? Boys who appreciate Marvin, Zeppelin, Patsy, and Steely Dan with the same verve that I do? A rarity. Even more impressive was how we could discuss the various studio musicians who have played with Steely Dan over the years. And let me tell you, they are some of the best. Last weekend I even told him the story of hanging with Mojo Nixon who insisted on calling me "Debbie" I corrected him eventually but he decided that should be my name and contined to call me that. Actually my life has been filled with men who want to rename me. Makes me think of Erykah Badu. I hope that you will click over. This is one of my favorite songs by her. Well, second to "Tyrone."

As for the kids, if you haven't read the comments on my previous post, they desperately missed me while I was gone at a conference on Tuesday. They absolutely hated the sub and asked that she never show up in the room again. As you know, I am evil. I will have to return to this conference at least three more times this year. I will be requesting the same sub again. Because I can. I don't think the kids have realized that. All I know is that since I was gone on Tuesday, the kids have been trying, for the most part, to be on their best behavior. Everyone else at the school has been a little worried about me. I told the math coach today that I know that I am slowly chipping away at the kids and fully realize that they will not change overnight. It's all about celebrating the small victories. No, I am not as energetic as I was at the beginning of the school year but I also know that I will not burn out before the end of the school year. I've done that before and now know how to take care of myself. You know. Things like hanging out with a Drummer Boy. I didn't have other outlets back then. I'd get beat down and then go home to an empty house with a life filled with Smug-Marrieds who rarely had time for me. Things have changed now though. This time around, I managed to rebuild my social life before showing up onto the scene. And with that, I know that I will wear the kids down before they wear me down.

And the weekend will be not soon enough because I was just analyzing that last sentence for pronouns. Please tell me why kids think that "pronoun" is the same thing as "proper noun?"

On a final thought. Today I am 40 1/4. Remember being a kid and adding on those fractions to your age?

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