Monday, September 18, 2006

Rock and roll lifestyle

I've been accused of having just that many a time. Some days I think to myself how I'd like to be someone different. Other times -- usually while I'm in the moment -- I'm perfectly happy with the label. I think the thoughts against it happen on the days that I don't feel like keeping up appearances. Or I just start thinking that there should be more to life.

Friday night only one teacher was able to make it out with me. We had loads of fun though. Eventually Grasshopper showed up. I didn't see much of her though. I was in full social butterfly mode by then. I ran into this one woman I met weeks ago. Don't ask me her name. I really don't remember. I was busy having a smoke at the time with the lead singer of the band even if their keyboard player was not present becasue he is currently playing with his other band -- one that I am sure that y'all have heard of. (I learned that real musicians play because they love music but that they rarely make money from music. Actually, I suspected this but the guys were able to confirm this for me.) She wanted to know if the band was any good. We told her that they most certainly would be. She then asked if the music would be ass shaking good. The lead singer suggested a couple of songs and she had a puzzled look. We then explained to her that he is in the band. The lead singer then told his wife that she should probably get out and shake her stuff as well. I ran into this hot guy who still works at that bad place. Apparently while he was walking in, he bumped into Grasshopper. She said that her thought was, "Please feel free to run into me anytime." I just kept reminding myself that he spent that year we worked together seeming to suck up to the powers that be. No matter how hot I think he is I just can't stand that. OK. I'll admit it. I did hug him though. Because he's hot. Once the music started, things became a blur. I do know that I was in slightly past closing time. A couple of the guys from the band gave me a ride home. And the drummer stuck around. I know. I'm supposed to avoid musicians. I don't recall ever dating a drummer before though. Usually it's guitarists or bass players. There was that sax player with whom I was obsessed in college too. But no drummers. He doesn't live in the immediate area but now he's planning trips back. Poor thing thought that I was younger than he is. And he's 28. Kind of the upper limit of my span. Kate, my college roomie, says that he's still too young. She keeps trying to remind of her ten-year rule. I just laugh in her face when she mentions it.

Chef guy was supposed to call on Sunday. He never did. I thoght that I would have to figure out how to juggle the two guys. I've never really done that before. I tend to be a one guy at at time kind of chick. They were both cool in their own ways so I couldn't figure out which one to keep. Now it's a no-brainer.

Oh, and on the 30th the band is doing a benefit show in SF. And BWB has assured me that it is a totally cool organization. Somehow I just knew that she would know the organization. Cause she's hip to the nonprofit scene like that. The next weekend there will be a benefit for what was the formerly known as the Alice Arts Center. Alice Arts was known for introducing kids ot the arts. I'll probably be at that benefit as well. i know that the arts are very important to kids. I could probably write a whole post on that -- as well as why I think the current season of Survivor is detrimental to education. And let me remind folks that the show comes on at 8 p.m. I guess if I was a part of the dominant "race" in our society, I would think the whole thing was kind of neat -- kind of like how Jim Crow laws were neat. I would like to argue that we were more advanced as a society from those times but I often doubt that we have made much progress. Especially when folks proclaim how cool the new season of "Survivor" is. I like to think that those folks are delusional. (Bring on the attacks. I can take it as well as dish it out. Just don't cry after I smack you down with my response.)

Now I'm off to the challenge of the kids. And letting them know that my classroom is not about "racial" division. We are all one people and we are here to get along. I will also need to let them know that I won't be at work on Tuesday because I'll be gone at a training. They'd better treat the sub OK. I'd better not hear some crap about how the sub had it out for them because s/he was racist. That's their favorite excuse, you see. The current season of "Survivor" just feeds into this thinking. All I know is that if I hear that anyone has given the sub a hard time, heads will roll. And I don't care about "race" -- as I have told and shown my students on numerous occasions over this last three weeks.

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