Saturday, March 29, 2008

Base coat

Tonight I'm heading out, along with Buzzgirl amongst others, to celebrate Zombie Mom's birthday. And yes, there will be cocktails involved. That means that after running errands this morning -- errands that necessitated my getting out of bed at an hour at which I do not wish to be up on a Saturday -- I arrived back home hungry. And sleepy. I wanted a nap but my stomach was grumbling something mighty. And there was no prepared food in the fridge. What's a girl to do? Head to Poulet.

Top row: Snap peas with mandarin orange sections and mint; Chicken salad with walnuts and tarragon.
Middle row: Buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes -- the Saturday special for April.
Bottom row: Carrot and walnut cupcake; Meyer lemon pie.

Maybe one should not go in there starving. But they're not open on Sundays. And after cocktails tonight, I might not feel like venturing out immediately for foodstuff tomorrow. That's what the chicken salad is for. And the sweets. Although the sweets may be consumed upon my return home tonight. One never knows.

But tomorrow? I'm going to need nourishment early. Because I'm actually thinking about cooking. *shudder* That is after I do the necessary cleaning around this place.

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