Monday, April 28, 2008

Being an Empress

Part of the reason why I was doing all this stuff in my home was for myself. Part of it was that I knew that my college roomie, Kate, was coming for a visit.

Kate arrived on Thursday afternoon. And after a quick change, we headed off for opening night of the San Francisco Film Festival. The opening night film was French. If you ask Kate, she will tell you that it was a porno. It's strange that I have known Kate for over 20 years but I learned the most about her over this weekend. More about that later.

So Kate didn't enjoy the film but she loved the party. We discovered that in the two years since I dropped my film society membership that Skyy was no longer the official vodka but that Grey Goose was instead. We quickly grew to love the combo of Grey Goose pear with lime juice and Sprite. But our real love of the evening were the blue cheese grits with tomato marmalade from 1300. Kate loved them so much, she wanted to take the whole pan home with us.

Friday during the day was spent in recovery, especially for Kate. But I had planned an evening out for the girls -- Kate, Emerald, Jade, Zombie Mom, Buzzgirl and Fluffycat. Great food. Great drinks. Great conversation. And great photos taken by Zombie Mom on my camera.

Saturday was a mellow day. A stop a Poulet to pick up lunch then off to the hills to stroll through the Botanical Garden at Tilden. After that a stop to see my real parents and a quickie tour of Point Richmond.

Saturday night? Dinner at Cesar. Everything was great but dessert? Made me want to lick my plate.

And now I need to rest.

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