Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting positive

I felt bad about posting that negative post after the one about peace. So today, let's get back to the positive.

This past weekend did not suck completely as far as customer service is concerned. Actually, I've been meaning to write this post for quite some time.

As Zombie Mom stated in the comments to the previous post, I did stop by the Zombie household on Saturday night. With two bottles of wine. And the kids were asleep.

I must say thank you to Stephanie at the Andronico's on Shattuck. Stephanie is a wine steward in the store. (Yes, the store has wine stewards.) Frequently when I go in, she is patrolling the wine aisle. And she is always ready to answer questions and to make recommendations.

On Saturday, I was going to buy a pinot noir that she had recommended previously. Since she wasn't busy at the time, I decided to ask for other recommendations. Once I said that the wine didn't have to be from California, after telling her the most I was willing to spend per bottle, she quickly recommended a Spanish wine and a French one.

The Spanish one was good. The French one was fantastic. I think I wrote down the name of the latter. I hope I did. And each bottle was under $15.

So even though Andronico's can be a bit pricey at times, I continue to return because of Stephanie's wonderful recommendations. Oh. And because it is the only place that I can find the cat food that Natasha likes.

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