Sunday, April 6, 2008


I first saw this home several months ago. Every time I pass it at night, I think to myself, "I should take a photo." Then tonight I saw Nat's post that I believe was inspired by Hilly's post. Whatever the case, I ran for the door. Wearing PJ pants. I figured all would be well as I was parked close to the front door. And when I returned? Well, it was so late. And on my return one of my neighbors was standing on the stoop, smoking a cigarette.

"You lost your space."

Not really. I ended up parking in the space I've been in most of the week.

But lost? I have lost too many things to even begin counting.

My cousin's husband should be home from the Middle East in the next week or so. And she'll probably forgive his cheating ass. (The last time that he was stateside, he gave her an STD. Because how else do you say, "I love you"?) I must applaud my cousin for her personal growth. In the past, she would have gone all Lorena Bobitt on his ass.

But the photo is so un-Lorena. It's about the people that I believe that we could be. People who aren't like the society in Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talent.

Bottom line is that I would love to see a true peace in this world. I mean some of you may irritate the hell out of me. Doesn't mean that I wish you ill. (Your thoughts toward me -- or at least my perceptions about your thoughts -- I'll address in another post.) But in the meantime, let's just co-exist.

And while writing this, I suddenly remembered for the zillionth time this week, that this week is the anniversary of Martin's death.

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