Monday, September 1, 2008


By Thursday afternoon I was dreaming of getting away from it all. But then reality set in.

I realized that starting Thursday night, I was responsible for two fish,

two dogs,

and three cats for the holiday weekend.

No, the first cat is not Natasha. He's my neighbor's cat. He's even more camera shy than she is.

So much for getting away. I contented myself with making a list of places. Then I realized that everywhere on the list consisted of day trips. So I made a new list of weekend trips. Maybe once I start doing some of these, I can start making a list of places that will take more than a weekend. I figure for now, I should start small though.

And so since I could not get away, I did the next best thing and headed to the roof. (Please ignore the singing. I'm just trying to drown out the voices of the guys from work telling me that it is not good for the roof to walk upon it constantly. La-la-la. Whatever.)

My neighbor started an herb garden last year but it appears that she gave up on that idea. Now we're left with a few pots of this.

And since y'all enjoyed the 'hood photos, I leave you with these. I had not been on the roof since they finished the new building. Unfortunately this building blocks most of our western views. Grrrr.

I hope to start on the lists the coming weekend. The best I'll be able to do is a day trip though. Actually, it may be this way for a bit more time. I have a family obligation Saturday evening. It's my aunt's birthday and so we're having the party that she would have wanted.

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