Saturday, October 15, 2005

The return of Melrose Place

Not long after moving into my building, I started referring to it as Melrose Place in conversations thanks to the antics of my neighbors. I am glad that I am now able to contribute personally to this. Even though I haven't quite figured out which character I am, as I told my neighbor, I refuse to be the demented Kimberly. I assured her that I have intention of trying to blow the place up.

On with the tale. As you know from my previous post, I headed out Thursday night, had several cocktails, and met a bunch of boys. Now let me pick up where I left off. The aforementioned bachelor #2 whom my neighbor and I have now dubbed "Hallway Boy" felt the need to walk me home. (I walk to the bar because I don't feel like moving my car and am usually not in condition to drive at the end of the evening.) He was cute so I let him walk along with me. We got to my apartment and he came in. After talking a bit, he had to leave -- something about having to go to work. I was talking to him at the door when I realized the cats were trying to make a break for it. I stepped in the hallway and meant to pull the door partially shut to contain the cats. Instead I shut the door completely. Of course my keys were inside. To add to the situation, Natasha being the quick creature that she is had managed to make it out the door as I was shutting it. Thankfully my neighbor has keys. I knocked on her door a couple of times but didn't get an answer. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that it was 3 a.m. I handed Natasha to Hallway Boy and went out the front door, leaving it ajar. Why? So I could try knocking on my neighbor's bedroom window. I then went back in and tried her door again. She gave me my keys and I apologized profusely. The boy went on his way after the phone number exchange.

Last night over wine my neighbor filled in the rest of the story. She had heard me knocking at the door and had managed to tiptoe to the door by the time I went to knock on her bedroom window. What she saw upon looking out the peephole was Hallway Boy fighting to hold onto Natasha. Her first thought was where was I. She then started to think that perhaps Hallway Boy had killed me off and was now using Natasha as a lure to get into her apartment. As she watched, Hallway Boy lost his grip on Natasha and she managed to climb to the top of the door jamb where she remained until I re-entered the building. My neighbor said this tale got loads of laughs when she went out for beers after work. I think their were also some questions about our sanity. My neighbor and I have agreed -- Hallway Boy will never call unless he is into totally insane women.

On a sadder Melrose note, my neighbor then shared that she had heard from the boy who used to live upstairs. Apparently he has leukemia or something like that. He called her a few days ago looking for comfort but then he had to hang up because his girlfriend was calling on the other line. My neighbor thinks that she will head to NYC, where he now lives, soon to make sure he is OK.

Oh, and I did talk to bachelor #1 last night. He has since changed his mind about inviting me to the event on Sunday as he will be working. He said, "I would have to leave you on your own because I will be busy working. And you are so pretty, you will probably be surrounded by guys." Well, duh. Isn't that why I would go to something like that?

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