Sunday, December 11, 2005

A different look

Yes, I am feeling much better. I believe it was the sleep and gin that did it.

Part of the reason why I had to tell the folks at work that I could not work this weekend was because of my hair. It was time for something different. Now Jen, braids can be a time-saver on the daily basis but they take hours to put in and just as many to remove. Once out it also meant that it was time to re-color my hair. (I almost spelled it "colour" in honor of Gloria.) Yes, I color my hair and have done so since age 18. I come from a family that suffers from premature grey. The whole goal was to have the new look done in time to head out Saturday night. I mean, what is the use of fab hair if you can't show it off?

While unbraiding, I decided to check out the On Demand channel on my cable. It was filled with loads of cheesy 80s flicks. My fave in the viewing marathon was The Pick-up Artist. I thought it was pretty cool that Harry Dean Stanton played Molly Ringwald's dad in Pretty in Pink but this was even cooler. In this one Dennis Hopper plays her dad. Also a movie that contains Beastie Boys -- "Paul Revere" and "She's Crafty" -- in the soundtrack cannot be all bad. And while I am thinking of 80s music, I did try singing "The Glamorous Life" while I cleaned the litterboxes. Thank you for that suggestion, Laurie. It made the task much easier.

I almost wimped out on going out tonight but then I realized that I owed it to my readers to go out. I passed by my fave shop on my way and said that I would take a picture on my back home. I did not pass the window on foot on my way back so there is no photo. All I have to say is that it was the perfect dress for my bday party next year. (I still have to return library books tomorrow so there is still hope.) My fave bartender asked if I found my purse last week. He then gave me a free drink. I tipped him well. I would have just based on his looks. Yes, he is hot. Tonight I met an Aussie who is about two to three years younger than I am. We went to his place and he made me breakfast. He also has a really cute cat. After eating I made him drive me home. We are both regulars at the bar so future meetings may happen.

Until then, I am off to sleep.

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