Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A break in a long night of work

Thursday is the start of a fave time of year -- report cards and parent conferences. Yes, I am being sarcastic. Every year I vow to change my habits and every year I don't. Basically I start off the school year not as organized as I'd like to be. As a result the grading starts to pile up until I suddenly see the report card deadline looming closer than I thought. So my report cards for conferences this week needed to be complete by today. Guess what I spent a great deal of last night doing?

I took a break last night to meet up with Underwear Guy for coffee -- his suggestion. It worked well for me because it was at about the point in the evening when I realized that I was really going to need some caffeine to make it through the night. He was in the area because he had given a lecture earlier. He said that while having drinks with the dean after the lecture, the dean mentioned something about needing lecturers for nest summer. Underwear Guy is intrigued by the idea but just knows that something big will break and then he'll want to kick himself for taking the job. Because he always follows through on his commitments. So while it's nice that he understands commitment, it is also a bit unsettling to meet someone who has greater wanderlust than I do. And he's only going to be around for another couple of weeks because in December, he heads off for another assignment. We'll see how it goes.

And now I only have eleven more report cards to complete by Friday.

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