Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Last night I attended a Diwali celebration at a public library. Why? Because it was a dance performance. That included five of my students.

This program is a joint effort between the library, the school, and the dance instructor. It was nice to see my students in a different light. They looked adorable in their costumes. It was also a great way to interact with their parents, who of course attended the event. Two of the parents asked that I take photos with their daughters.

The real surprise was after the performance. There was a reception with food. Mainly pakuras. Have I mentioned how much I love pakuras? One of the mothers asked if I liked them. I quickly said, "Yes." This would be the same mom who sent me the chicken curry soup after school. Apparently the soup is a traditional dish for during Ramadan for them. As we sat around eating and chatting, she pointed out that they only live about a block away from the school. Sounded pretty much like an invitation to drop by for a meal. And she's a wonderful cook.

I keep wondering if I'll get another care package of food this Thursday. Yep, not Friday. Because Friday is a holiday. And on Friday, I have a shopping outing planned with Jade -- and her boys. She swears that they now behave perfectly in public these days. We'll see.

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