Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks and all that other stuff

Neil has this idea that we should all thank our first commenter. I started wondering if I should thank my first commenter here or at the old blog. Turns out it's the same person.

Thank you, Gloria. I don't know if I'd be blogging if it weren't for you. You talked me into contributing to Online Misadventures due to my willingness to actually meet the freaks -- ummm, men -- who post on CL. And I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed blogging. The natural response was to set up a blog that was purely me.

And Gloria, through your blog, I have discovered many other bloggers. I don't know if I would have ever found Cookie Crumb if it were not for Gloria's love of Bean Sprout. I went for the dog and stayed for the food.

Jen and Laurie? Well, Jen commented on Gloria's blog so I followed the link. I couldn't stop coming back. And that's how I found Laurie.

So thank you, Gloria, for opening up a whole new world to me. And may all of you enjoy Turkey Day. Well, those of you who celebrate it. I must now return to the kitchen so that I can truly start torturing the cats. There's something about the smell of roasting turkey that gets them going.

And hopefully after Thursday I will regain full use of my voice. Because right now it's pretty scratchy and on it's way out. Good thing I was too tired to go out last night. Damn kids.

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