Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Double dog dare me

I have been needing to go clothing shopping for some time. Now I am starting to think that it must be done in the next few days. Why? Because I have been reading blogs about what the latest offerings are -- skinny jeans, leggings, and formal shorts.

I see this all as a kind of challenge. Like the leggings? I guess they have always had a special place in my heart since that time back in the 80s when the dean at my college said that I had a kind of Audrey Hepburn quality when I wore them. (Leggings, turtleneck, ballet flats, trenchcoat. Occasionally worn under jumpers with the same flats. Or worn under skinny jeans that had started to develop holes.) How can one go wrong with Audrey? Skinny jeans were also a fave of mine at that time. Now I hear you. It's been many years since that time. Thing is I still wear the same size as I did then. Also years ago I was reading a book on fashion and my body type. Found out things that I already knew. I can wear any style of pants that I want to but have problems with skirts and dresses. Specifically if a skirt or dress goes past my knees, then it needs to be full. Straight, longer skirts that do not have a slit? I start looking like Olive Oyl.

So I am off to shop over the next few days and plan to have fun trying on all these wonderful creations. Because it's like y'all dared me to. And I (almost) never back down on a dare.

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