Friday, January 11, 2008

The detective

So I wrote this post weeks ago but I thought it was appropriate to post it. Because my new boss? Well one of the things he stated last night was that he was concerned about my stress level. I told him that I am a big girl and know how to take care of myself appropriately.

Perhaps I should have seen it as a sign when my new Thrive! card showed up in the mail on Wednesday. And that means that I can schedule that follow-up with my OB/GYN that should have happened in August but when I showed up, someone at my previous job had decided to cancel my health insurance a month early! And of course my appointment was at the end of the last month in which I was to have coverage. By the time I got it all straightened out, it was too late. Because that testing I went through back in April last year? It was for cancer. Everything seemed OK but then my doctor realized that she should have taken a larger sample. My choices were to go through the biopsy again or to come back in a few months for another PAP smear. I, of course, chose the latter. And then the whole insurance thing came up so I haven't been back for the follow-up. I guess I should make the appointment really soon since I'm still not that sure about my job security given yesterday's events. Because "Mom" told me that I should watch my back because we know how those people can be. And I'd like to say that she is just being paranoid, but she isn't. Experience has taught me that people in the work place will bleed you dry for your knowledge and then throw you on the wayside. I mean they were all saying today how much they liked my former boss as a person...

And now onto something slightly lighter...

When I first heard this song, it was like an infection. (It's now one of those songs that I listen to when I am feeling a little beat up by the world. Reminds me. I am overdue for a re-reading of The Tao of Pooh. Both help to add perspective to the world.) I needed to know everything about it. So I bought the CD. And then I read the liner notes. Because the chorus? That was the really infectious part. The first sample listed in the liner notes could not be what was haunting me. It was obviously a rap song and that hook? Well, it definitely wasn't rap. That left the other credit in the liner notes -- Stan Getz. And thus was the start of a long journey.

It seems that the Stan Getz song they sampled -- "Saudade Vem Correndo" -- is now only available on one CD. And I had to special order it. When it came in, I explained to the assistant manager who was ringing up the sale why I had bought it. She asked, "Can we crack it open right now?" As it turns out, she loved the Pharcyde song as well. I told her it was fine with me. So she opened my CD and played it throughout the store. And I was the first one to catch the hook. I screamed, "That's it!" And the next time it came around, she said, "You're right." And then she called the other employees in the store over to take a listen. And we all nodded our heads in agreement.

How was I to know that by buying a Stan Getz bossa nova album that I would start down a long road of various forms of Brazilian music? But that's what happened. And then somehow last spring I found myself in a samba class. If I had stuck it out, I would have danced in the Carnival parade in San Francisco this past spring.

So I guess this is what they mean when they talk about a butterfly flapping its wings. One little action leads to so much.

And if you haven't guessed it yet, music means a lot to me. Probably why when asked if I would rather give up my sight or my hearing, I always say that I would give up my sight. Because long before "Ally McBeal," I assigned theme songs to people. And then cellphone technology advanced enough that I was able to assign individual songs to each person in my address book. Because once I really know a person, I tend to think of them in terms of music. Like Jade will forever be "Baby Got Back." Although she has been trying to lobby for "Bust a Move." And that would mean that the former song would be freed up for someone else. And my dad will always be "Angela" by Bob James. Most folks know this song as the "Theme from Taxi." Me? It will always be the other title because I kind of borrowed the album, "Touchdown," many years ago from my dad and forgot to return it.

Bottom line is that I hear a song, I instantly think of a specific person or a specific place. Even when I have tried to "unlink" a song with a certain memory, I have not been successful. So for me, music will always be filled with a kaleidoscope of memories. Like when I hear "Friends and Lovers," I will always think of my dad's wedding to my stepmother. And that's why I have made y'all suffer through so many music videos lately. Because life always has a soundtrack.

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