Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's good?

So I've told you about OKCupid man. No, I still haven't set up a date with him. Really hard for the month of January. I spend at least one weekend preparing my dad's 1099s -- if he has followed my instructions from the previous years and has everything on hand. If not, then it's two weekends. And then I promised a friend back in December that I would go to tea with her this month. Yep. January is a short month. A prosperous month but short none the same. Add onto this that my stepmother gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure. That means that I can't just go to Sack of Tomatoes for a day to work for dad. Noooo. I am going to have to work one day and chill with the stepmother another day. Add onto this, fitting the men in. What men, you ask?

Well, first there's OKCupid Boy #1 (for now known as OKCB1). I realized that I have failed to mention him previously. We've met and hung out. I've thought of him as a friend. Just a friend. And then he made it clear that he didn't think of me in those terms about a week ago. And I wasn't completely repulsed. But that's when in my sieve of a mind, I thought that he was in his 30s. I re-checked his profile and discovered that he is 25. *gasp*

Then there's OKCB2. I've chatted with him for months as well. And he keeps stressing how we should hang out. (Now I must stress that my profile and quiz results make me come off as a "nice girl." And I really am at heart.) And this guy's problem? His age. He'll be 21 this coming week.

So now we're up to three guys. Which should be more than enough but no, then I went and pulled another one. I was shopping at my fave grocery store. There I was chillin' in line when one of my former students walked up. (Get your minds out of the gutter. This is not about the student. I'm not one of those sicko freaks.) He was shopping with his dad. I made through the line first and so I went to say hello to his dad. End of it all, dad ended up asking me out. In other situation, I probably would have said yes but there's something different about my kids' parents. My first year teaching, a mom -- who was sick at the time -- wanted to set me up with her ex. Even though I am no longer teaching in the district, I still feel as if it's all wrong. I understand that he's lonely so I suggested group activities. Because I just didn't have the heart to say that I wouldn't date him.

And with that I need to get ready to head up to Sack of Tomatoes. Hopefully I get everything done there this weekend so I can have the remaining weekends this month free to play.

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