Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now that I know

First of all, for those of you who might care. I chatted with the "man" last night. This would be Mr. OKCupid. (Oh, and for those of you worrying that he is merely perpetrating, his end of the conversation was by video. Because he doesn't type well.) We found a common ground. When I mentioned the actress for whom I had been named (Ummm ... did you really think that Dagny was my real name?), he said that she still lived near him. I then was able to say that I knew that she lived in that area because her husband had been in rehab with my dad back when I was in high school. And then he pointed out that we had something in common -- dads who do rehab. But on to the main event...

So it seems that Jolene likes frogs. And she's feeling a little ill these days.

This photo is for her. It was one of the gifts I received after my initiation. I know it isn't as warm and fuzzy as the one you received, but isn't it cute?

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