Thursday, January 10, 2008

Out of left field

I got up this morning feeling fully rested for the first time all week. OK. I'll admit it. I've been cranky because I have been tired due to work. Now don't get me wrong. I like it when it's busy at work. And today my boss returned from his two week vacation.

So I managed to get through the traffic. Saw a nice little fender bender along the way. When will people learn not to follow so closely when the road is wet? *sigh* And there I was settling in at my desk, starting work on some invoicing. When my boss showed up, accompanied by the HR person, and asked if I had an empty box around. I've been around enough to figure out what that means. And then I saw him hand her the keys to his company vehicle. And that is how I found out that my boss had been fired.

We're still in shock around here. Because it sucks when a person you actually like has to go.

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