Friday, August 5, 2005

Reality TV update (Nearing that birthday with a 0 on the end)

So I just finished watching the finale of Kept. (I did the dvr of the episode because on Thursdays I work late and got home in the middle of the episode.) There was also the delay in chatting with my mom. Oh yeah, and I had never seen the first two episodes so I decided to watch those first.) I had a long conversation with my cousin about who would win. Here's where the age thing comes into play.

My cousin who will be 21 next month thought that Austen would be the winner. I told her that Seth would win. My reasons were because (1) Seth has always been himself throughout the competition, (2) Austen is way too stiff, and (3) on the dates in Paris, Seth's outfit was the only one that Jerry wore because he had actually paid attention to what her personal style was. Actually for me the second thing would not have mattered. I would have been so blown away by the outfit thing that it could have been enough alone. I also had to remind my cousin, especially since that she is Montgomery, that Southern women like Jerry like men who are comfortable being themselves. It's a huge thing for a man to recognize who a woman really is and not to try to make her into his vision.

With that said, I must go and watch Big Brother ... or anything that will get Jessica Simpson off my TV. (I'm sorry but "These Boots" is a classic that should not be touched much in the same way that Sabrina should never have been remade.)

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