Friday, August 19, 2005

Training new recruits

Well, my neighbor has finally gotten rid of the boy and now is ready to be my new best friend. She is definitely an American Princess without the need for all the training. Like a true princess, she received her training at home. Her apartment is tastefully decorated in antiques and Oriental rugs. She eschews showers, taking baths every day. She is also a fantastic cook. I still dream of the salmon in puff pastry that she made a couple of months ago. (I need to get the photos from that night from her. I know that besides food shots there are ones of us wearing her tiara, a leftover from her days as a ballerina.)

So my plan was that this weekend, we were going to start our quest in becoming more like girls in Sex and the City. (So friends used to compare me to Samantha but that's a whole other post.) It seems that my plans may have changed though. Natasha has spent the afternoon throwing up everything she eats. We have an appointment with the vet at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I'm not too worried because after purging, she then becomes her usual playful self. I am beginning to think that she has gotten her hands on issues of Cosmo (see"I Blame Cosmo") and thinks that the binge/purge thing is chic. Guess it's going to be an evening in.

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