Monday, October 23, 2006

Hacking up a lung

Note: I had planned on posting this in the morning but Blogger was not cooperating. Grrrrr.

I spent the majority of the weekend at home recovering from a cold. Yep, that's what it takes to slow me down. Being sick. In those moments I decided to be conscious, I caught up on some of my DVD viewing.

A view of the cats before I was sick. I cannot leave my boots out because they both seem to think they make a perfect bed.

By Sunday, I was feeling much better. I was also in need of other company besides the cats. They have been great company during my cold, always making sure that they are nearby.

So the plan was to head out but where to go? Then it came to me. Tower! My dad had told me earlier in the week that they were going out of business and therefore, were having a huge sale. As it turns out, the sale is only 20%. Pah! I did pick up Cinderfella though. I love the scene when Fella shows up at the ball.

Oh, and then I decided to brave Berkeley Bowl on a Sunday because I had this vision for dinner. Of course, these visions often include ingredients that are not already in my kitchen. I now understand people's love of Berkeley Bowl. It was well worth the insanity of trying to negotiate the narrow aisles with too many people in the place. They won me over the minute I entered the store because one of the first things I saw was the cheese. And they had the crack of cheese at about two-thirds the price that Andronico's sells it. Or at least it seemed that way. Alas, they did not have the number one item on my shopping list -- baby bok choi. What is up with that? I then headed over the Andronico's near me. They were out as well. I was starting to believe that all of Berkeley was suddenly having the same baby bok choi craving that I was. I was going to try the huge Albertson's in El Cerrito, but then decided to try another Andronico's location first. I lucked up there.

Here's what happened to the baby bok choi. On the rest of the plate is rice, seared tuna with sesame seeds, and a sauce of wasabi, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and sugar.

I just remembered that there are a couple of other photos I've been meaning to post.

This is the watercolor I received the first week of school.

And this is the homemade curry chicken that one of the families brought me after school on the 13th. It was yummy.

I just hope that the children do not decide to infect me with something new today. I know they're how I got the cold in the first place. Little germ carriers.

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