Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Old and new

So here it is five years later and I'm back. A lot of things have happened in the time since I last wrote here. I moved. I was laid off from my job and am now basically self-employed. But most importantly I believe that I have finally found some peace and happiness. While it may not always be easy, I like where I am most of the time. But there are some things that never change.
I still make my tray for New Year's Eve but this year I decided to also make a dessert.
Profiteroles! The recipe called for coffee ice cream. I decided to mix it up and do half with vanilla bean ice cream. Tasty but a bit of work. Not sure if I will repeat the recipe. Who am I kidding? I will because one day I will conveniently forget the true amount of work involved. In the meantime, Happy New Year's!


  1. Gurrrlllllll! You outdid yourself on that tray!!! Everything looks so yummy and my mouth is currently watering from the dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH.MY.GOD!

    1. I felt like it was much more restrained compared to past years.