Saturday, January 25, 2014

On the mend

So yeah, I said that I was back and then I disappeared again. Shortly after my last post, I came down from that horrible flu. And then once I had recovered, I was really busy with work. But now I'm feeling like myself again. As proof of that, I have been back in the kitchen.

It all started with Profiteroles. Actually this batch is the second that I have made; the first was for New Year's Eve. They are supposed to be with coffee ice cream and a chocolate brandy sauce. But then I had some leftover butterscotch bourbon sauce in the fridge as well as some vanilla bean ice cream.

And then I realized that profiteroles are made from pate au choux -- the same dough used to make eclairs. So you know I had to attempt those as well.

I was really worried about whether I had been successful in piping in the pastry cream. But when I sliced this one open, I saw that the cream was indeed throughout the pastry. Now to work on my piping technique so that I can get a much more evenly shaped eclair.

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  1. I WANT SOME !!!!!!!! You have made me want these badly!