Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My name is Dagny and I am a packrat...

There should be a Packrats Anonymous. Instead we are stuck with reality shows like Clean Sweep. I'm sorry but I don't want to admit to the world that I have a lot of stuff and am not willing to part with it. (Actually I am willing to part with some of it. I finally had to admit that I no longer have room for the Nancy Drew books I collected in elementary school and so I am giving them to a family friend who is going into the fourth grade. May she enjoy them as much as I did. I am not giving up my Little House series though.) See it's ok for to admit to all of you what a packrat I am. I mean, did you really think that my name is Dagny? (Kudos to the person who knows from where the name comes.) That is why I am willing to let complete strangers see what a mess I can create when I want to.

So I have gotten down to the last few boxes. It is getting harder to get rid of stuff. The problem is having stuff that is in good shape that I just know that I don't want. I feel horrible throwing it out. I'm going through books to see which I can donate to the public library. Now that I have a bed, I have realized that perhaps I can get away with some underbed storage. This might also be a plus because if there are boxes under the bed, then Natasha cannot hide there waiting to pounce on my feet. (It is time to trim the claws once more. She has gouged me on my collarbone once more. I tell you, there is nothing worse than having a kitten hanging from your collarbone.) Fewer hiding places for her may be a good thing. Also getting her to realize that electrical cords are not chew toys would be even better.

So I went to the Ikea and the Target sites to see what they had available in underbed storage. (I know. I am finally getting to the point.) I was inspired to write this post because of Gloria. When I saw this item on the Target site, I instantly thought of her. It's a shame the product received bad reviews.

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