Sunday, September 18, 2005

Couch potato memories

I awoke with nothing concrete to do today but to go check on a friend's computer. I figured that I was also invited to dinner so that this could wait until later in the day. The question then became, "What to do with the rest of my day?" I mean, I now have a new cute 'do; it deserves to be seen.

I started off channel surfing and was sucked into an episode of Biography. I guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic after receiving DDJ's latest email. (I already have a full collection of 80s music seeing as those were my high school and college days, but thanx anyway.) This episode of Biography was on the Bee Gees. They even showed Andy Gibb. I still remember sitting around the TV at my twin's (She wasn't really my twin but people always confused the two of us from childhood through college. My dad even once mistook her for me when he saw her at the mall once.) slumber party in 6th grade and screaming with the other girls when Andy appeared on whatever show to sing I Just Want to Be Your Everything. By the end of the Biography episode, I was tempted to pull out my copies of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and Spirits Having Flown -- both on vinyl of course.

Nothing beats a little walk down memory day to start off a slow Sunday morning.

Another thought -- When I was writing the title of this post, I almost used the word "reminiscing" but then that's linked to a whole other set of memories.

Guess I'm off to take that drive that Gloria suggested.

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