Monday, January 29, 2007

Getting there

Friday night I stayed home because I knew that was the only way I would be able to get up on time on Saturday. And yes, I did make it up on time on Saturday to attend the workshop. It turned out OK even though I definitely was not in the mood to be there. When I first arrived, I found myself thinking at times, "Why do people keep speaking to me? I really don't feel like interacting."

I got home Saturday and promptly went to sleep. That's what I did most of the remainder of Saturday as well as Sunday. My aunt left a message to say that folks were heading out to dinner on Sunday. When I returned her call on Sunday, I was feeling a bit more rested but figured that I should decline. Good thing I did. Apparently I had several more hours of sleep in me. Sure I would have made it through dinner but would I have made it up to go to work today? I probably would have and I'd probably be extra cranky.

Sports Guy is still calling. My family is worried about it. Now the messages are along the lines of, "I just called to say that I'm thinking about you." I wish he would stop already.

On saner fronts, I got an email from the Belgian over the weekend. I had been meaning to write and then forget by the time I get home. Apparently he may be coming here on a vacation. Now that's something to look forward to. If he lived around here, I never would have gotten involved with Sports Guy.

Well, guess I'd better get ready for work. *sigh* Hopefully the day passes quickly.


  1. Ew, Dagny! Throw your phone away! Get a new one!
    Good luck with that pest, and I hope you're feeling chipper.

  2. I think the rule is that three calls within a certain amount of time constitutes phone harrasment that police will actually get involved in.

  3. Ok seriously, this is getting a little crazy. And umm isn't that called stalking?