Friday, January 5, 2007

Thanks Daniel

So apparently while I was out of town, I was tagged by Daniel. Here goes...

4 Jobs I’ve had
. Accounts receivable for a machine shop
. Bartender at an amusement park
. Project coordinator

4 movies I could watch over and over
. Rebecca
. Just about anything with Clint Eastwood
. The Godfather
. Roman Holiday

4 places I’ve lived in
. San Diego
. Williamsburg
. San Francisco
. Virginia Beach

4 places I’ve vacationed
. Barbados
. London
. Mazatlan
. Driving across the U.S.

4 websites I visit daily
. Kapgar
. Cookiecrumb

4 of my favourite dishes
. Almost anything with cheese
. Almost anything with crab
. Potato leek soup (with cheddar cheese in it of course)
. Curry chicken salad from Andronico's

4 places I would rather be
. London
. Barbados
. Curled up on the couch with a comforter and a pot of tea
. Anywhere warmer than here

4 people I am tagging
. Jill
. Fluffycat
. Silly
. Rachel

I'll be spending the rest of the weekend continuing to celebrate Queenie's birthday. Have fun y'all.

Oh, and for further entertainent, I have been hooked on this video since it first aired on SNL before Christmas. Immediately after the show I went online to look for it because I knew it was there. I just have one question. Why is the box shaking when they mention Kwanzaa? And I found the clip to be cool enough to pass onto my dad -- who I speak to daily. He is also the man who told the following joke in my presence -- "Why did Jill get off the elephant first? Answer: To help Jack off." I was 16 at the time. When I started laughing five minutes later, my dad took offense. Yep. Gotta love the Southerners.


  1. I think I did this one sometime last year. I'll have to check.

    Oh, and nothing like giving me some performance anxiety by listing me as one of your daily reads. Gah!

  2. Hi honey, is Rachel me? If so I have work to do on my list. lol