Saturday, January 13, 2007

In a mood

Well, trust my dad to get things slightly wrong. As it turns out, the brain thing with my stepmother is not a tumor; it's lesions. Five of them to be exact. So we were a little relieved because we all thought, "Well, lesions can be caused by strokes." Then the doctors kind of burst our bubbles. As I stated earlier, there is also a spot on her lung. The doctors were going to do a biopsy on her lung yesterday but were unable to. Apparently they could not reach the spot due to the reconstruction surgery following her breast cancer. The doctors said that that was OK though because they would just do a liver biopsy instead. WTF???? Apparently there are also a couple of spots on her liver as well. The doctors think that all three are related. So now we just have to wait to hear the biopsy results.

On other fronts, I feel like bitchslapping Sports Guy. I'll probably just rip him a new one instead. I was at work until 5:30 last night. By the time I got home, I decided that I really was not in the mood to face holiday traffic north and would just get up early this morning. (I'll be heading out shortly after I post this.) Sports Guy called me around 7:20 last night. I had dozed off while watching TV; this whole week has been kind of draining. Now I don't usually sleep much but when I do, do not disturb me. I can be one evil wench if you do. So after telling him that I was still at home and that I had no intention of heading out, I then told him that I had been asleep and would like to return to sleep. 30 minutes later, just as I was slipping back into dreamland, my phone rang again. Seems he wanted to chitchat. I quickly got him off the phone and turned my phone to vibrate. An hour later, my phone was vibrating. (I had not gone back to sleep yet.) Yep. It was him again. I let it rollover to voicemail. I think to say that I was pissed off at that moment would be rather mild. Bottom line -- he may need to go, and soon.

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