Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is it wrong?

So I am writing this post as I am listening to Sports Guy drone on about his life. I told him how I am feeling mentally and emotionally drained. So he started off on his tirade about himself. Because this is what he does best. No, I haven't seen him. No, I have not found the energy to tell him to stop calling. The last few days I have been letting his calls go to voicemail but I decided to take this one because I thought that I actually had the energy to tell him to not call anymore.

And today all I could think was, "How many days until mid-winter break?" (Mid-winter break would be the week of President's Day. Around here it is also known as Ski Week.) Then I found out that we have a "retreat" (an in-service day) next Friday. Do you know how excited I am? A workday with no kids?

Oh, and I had a slight meltdown on my aunt tonight. She called because she visited my classroom earlier this week. She had some ideas for how I could change my room around. That's when the meltdown hit. Because that was when I realized that I was emotionally and mentally fried. As I started trying to think about when I could do all of this in my busy schedule, I started to cry. I told my aunt that I feel exhausted. My aunt asked me to call her back when I'm not so fried. I'm thinking it may be time to start going to Thrive again.

And yes, I am still on the phone with Sports Guy. It's been a lot of "uh huh" on my side of the conversation because that's all that's required. He asked what I was typing. I told him emails. He seemed to think that I was working on a blog post. Don't know why he would think that.

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