Monday, January 1, 2007

Inner Holly

What is the perfect follow-up for embracing one's inner monologue? Embracing one's inner Holly.

By Thursday I was rested and itching to go. When Queenie called, I quickly jumped up and set about making myself presentable for public. We headed to my usual spot and I ended up taking one for the team. Per usual Queenie found a cute guy and I ended up talking to his obnoxious friend. Let me just say there was much spanking involved. In fact Queenie asked on Friday morning if my hand was sore.

Of course this being New Year's Day, I must contemplate my actions today carefully. Yep, time for that Southern superstition to raise its head once more. I vaguely remember mentioning last year the belief that whatever you do on New Year's will set the tone for the rest of your year. Last year I drove around SF and took photos of some of my fave spots. I ended the day at my old home away from home in North Beach. Now I argued that I was in there for the restroom and a drink. I believe I left several drinks later. Hmmm. That does sound like the rest of 2006. But then I ended up getting my dream job at the same time. Common denominator? I know how to charm folks when it's important to me. In the case of the bar, I had decided before entering how much I was willing to spend. Anything above that would mean that I needed to charm folks (men) into paying for the rest of my drinks.

So I thought about heading out on Friday but couldn't quite pull it together. I was determined to head out by Saturday. It's just as well I delayed a day. That one day gave me time to realize that I was feeling a little down. I mean it has been three months since I last had a date. (Oops. That was a mistake. I went out with Underwear Guy in November but that was just coffee. Doesn't really count.) Winter is notoriously a slow time for me as well. Oh yeah. And then there's that slight depression that hits every year during the holidays. By Saturday afternoon, I realized that I was going to have to pull out the big guns -- The Skirt.

Now The Skirt used to make an appearance at least once a month. Nowadays it's lucky if it sees the light of day once a year. The Skirt also requires a certain level of confidence in the wearer. It's not really an "I am woman. Hear me roar!" kind of feeling. It's more like "I am the dominatrix. Watch as I crush you under my heel." But that may be because I always wear The Skirt with The Boots. Oops. Was that too much info?

So I got all spiffed up and headed out. First thing was to order a drink. I'm usually a Cuba Libre kind of girl but The Skirt demanded a French martini instead. Then Queenie called to see if I was planning to head out. Everything flowed from there. Met a number of guys. One actually called on Sunday. He might just end up being around for a bit so I'll have to come up with a name for him. Maybe he shall be Sports Guy since that's all he watches on TV.

And now I need to start acting like a person who has to return to work tomorrow. *sigh*


  1. That definitely warrants the descriptor "Big Guns." Nice skirt. Hope you knocked 'em dead.

  2. "Inner Holly." Very good. Is that as in Golightly?

  3. what kind of boots?