Sunday, December 31, 2006

The end of the inner monologue

La Princesa's rejoicing on Saturday was quickly put to an end on Sunday evening. The pair had been invited for Christmas Eve dinner at the home of a friend of La Reina. It was a pity that the only person present that La Reina liked was the hostess. La Princesa spent the rest of the evening making sure that the wine in her glass did not drop below a certain level. This was because she knew if the glass ever emptied and then she tried to refill it, she would have to hear, "You're having another drink?" La Princesa made this decision after La Reina pulled her aside to inform her that she was rattling. Now La Princesa can be quite garrulous in party situations. Even more so if she is surrounded by strangers. But this time she was not suffering from the diarrhea of the mouth. It probably did not help La Princesa's case when all the dinner guests proclaimed her beauty and youthful look. (She had conceded to some of La Reina's rants by choosing to wear earrings and lipstick for the evening.) Over the years, La Princesa decided that this really irritates La Reina -- hearing how beautiful and/or charming others find La Princesa. It's all kind of like the stepmother in Snow White. When others are complimetary, it is more likely that La Reina will be critical.

So La Princesa contented herself with the beauty of the home. As she looked around, she thought, "This is a home worthy of the Empress of the Universe." Oh, and the views!

Finally the wretched evening came to an end. The next thing to deal with would be Christmas day.

They were visited by La Reina's nietos. Then three friends of La Reina showed up. They were all younger than La Princesa. La Reina knew them from salsa dancing in the main square on Sunday evenings. It was agreed that all were starving. So it was off to Fajita Republic. (I told you that we might hear about this place again.) This time La Princesa remembered that she was armed with a camera.

After the meal, it was back into town to walk the malecon. There was also another brief stop at La Bodeguita, but no one could stay awake long enough to stay for the band.

Tuesday La Princesa quickly packed her bags. She was going home. But she had learned a couple of things along the way. She now understood why La Reina loved the place so much. She also knew that it would probably be another ten years before she returned there. At least as long as La Reina was present.

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