Friday, December 15, 2006

The end is near

Today is the last day of school before the winter break. Can you feel my excitement?

The past week has had some stress. One normally expects the kids to go wild right before a break. That's why you plan the hell out of the time for the week. Part of these plans has been completing the cookbook. (I meant to take a photo of the finished products for you but I forgot in my stupor.) I stayed at work until 5 last night finishing those books. Why did I feel that they needed to be spiral-bound? Do you know how tiring that is on your arm when you have to complete 40 or so books? Thankfully two-buck-Chuck can get rid of that pain.

And I am looking forward to not seeing rain. Rain sucks in an elementary school. It means that the kids are stuck with you at recess. And my kids? They need to run free a few times a day. Wednesday morning started as the most perfect day I have ever seen from the kids. Honestly. Then I had my prep period at the end of the day. My kids were supposed to be at PE but it was raining. This meant that PE was heald in my classroom. The PE teacher found them to be trying but no one could have expected the end. (Well, maybe I could have because I know my kids.) She dismissed them as a class -- something I never would have done in my most brain-dead states. I dismiss them individually. Complete havoc ensued. I have heard tales of chairs flying and overturned desks. Think drunken rock band trashing a hotel room. Somewhere along the line the principal showed up and made them clean it all up. By the time I saw my room, there were no signs left. Today the students turned in statements about what they had witnessed per the principal's instructions. Four of my kids ended up suspended as a result of the statements. I will not be seeing them again until January. I would be completely stressed out if this had all happened under my watch but it didn't. Therefore, I am feeling OK. Especially since others had reported how perfect the kids were in the morning.

So today is the last day before break. A break that I think is well deserved. Three teachers have birthdays within a week or so of each other. Today after school we are heading out to celebrate. By contract we have to stay at school until 3:09 pm. (The kids leave at 3:00 pm.) One of the teachers wrote on the invite that the festivities start at 3:11 pm. Show's you where all our minds are. The plan is that we will be out the entire night at various spots along College. I cannot wait. Just as long as I can wake up for my hair appointment tomorrow.

Oh. Here's a bonus, thanks to Tami. A day early. But there will still be another quiz tomorrow.

So I will keep this in mind as I am out tonight. Because I need to keep my thoughts light today so that I can stop crying. My dad called last night. My aunt's cancer is back and she is starting chemo again today. This time it's on her liver.

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  1. Have fun tonight! Yay.
    Have a great break, and Merry Christmas, dolling.