Friday, December 29, 2006

More of the inner monologue

La Princesa finally was feeling somewhat normal by Saturday. This was after being awakened numerous times over the previous days to hear La Reina saying, "You've slept enough already. It's your vacation. You should be doing things." La Princesa was doing things. To be exact, she was getting some much needed sleep.

So Saturday La Princesa arose from her slumber. Unfortunately there was not a handsome prince involved in this process. She then consented to go into town.

They strolled the malecon, including the new one. It was the same as La Princesa remembered but different. The malecon had had to be rebuilt after the city was hit by a hurricane a few years ago. There were new sculptures along the way as well.

Oh, and there were the industrious men creating sand sculptures on the beach for the holiday season.

What saddened La Princesa the most was the destruction of the old for the modern. Old squares are being torn down to make room for parking garages. One hopes that this will never happen to the main plaza.

And then there was this stately building. It will be replaced with a highrise.

Along their walk, the two agreed to go out to dinner later in the evening. They made reservations at Daquiri Dick's. La Reina chided La Princesa for taking photos of the food during their meal. La Princesa simply stated that she had friends who would like to see the food. Thankfully the manager -- who knows La Reina -- agreed with La Princesa. The daquiris consumed with the meal also helped matters.

Now we all know that La Reina likes to call the shots. This meant that after dinner, the two had to head to La Bodeguita del Medio, a Cuban restaurant that features a Cuban band. And of course, the band knew La Reina as well.

La Princesa sat sipping on her mojito and thinking, "This is the kind of place that I could grow to love. Well, in other company perhaps." Because mojitos can make all things look good.

By the end of the evening, La Princesa started to believe that there would be hope for this trip. Would she be right?

To be continued...


  1. Nice food pix!

    (All the pix are nice. Is that your mom's buffed, fluffed and day-spa-groomed decolletage? I see contrived "youthiness.")

  2. That picture of the Christ and Mary sand sculpture is fantastic. The sculpture is beyond words.