Monday, December 4, 2006

Geek central

I spent the weekend at a conference on teaching math. Guess what? There were actually some hot guys there. It didn't hurt that the conference was held at Asilomar either. At lunch on Saturday, Queenie and I hit the beach for a stroll.

Oh, and the food? Friday night had a great dinner at Jose's Bar and Grill in Monterey near Cannery Row. Jose was not present as he is currently in Mexico. Instead we were served by his brother.

Saturday night we hit Fandango. There was wine and conversation. I also had a pretty good cassoulet. Two of the other teachers had the same. One said that she found it to be a bit salty.

On Sunday, Queenie and I had every intention of going to the speakers for the closing of the conference. We kept getting sidetracked in leaving though, and instead decided to hit Cannery Row so that she could find this silver shop that she loves.

Then on the way home, we decided that we also just had to hit the outlet shops in Gilroy. Around this time we realized that we were very hungry. This meant a stop at In 'n' Out.

I always get the #1 (double double) animal style.

Upon returning to the Bay Area, we then headed on over to the TJ's in El Cerrito. Why? Because there are a lot of cute guys shopping and working there. And then we had to hit the Albertson's because Queenie was in need of a restroom. In both stores we were able to see local firefighters shopping. I am still trying to stop drooling.

Well, now it's back to reality. Like making a sub plan for tomorrow. Because I'm going to be at a workshop for the day. This time on building vocabulary skills. And I know that you will be eagerly waiting to hear about it on Wednesday.

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