Wednesday, December 13, 2006

5 things few people know about me

So I was tagged by BWB. This one is a little tricky. I mean what can I tell you folks that I haven't already shared?

1. My great grandfather had six fingers. This was not of much concern until one of my cousins had a son who also had this lovely trait. It had not shown up in the family since my grandmother's generation. We all thought that we were safely past that. I guess not. Even if it were not for my little cousin, I would be reminded of this trait every time I watch Gattaca.

2. I am a butter addict. As a child, I would often go to the fridge just so I could slice of a chunk of butter. No, I did not eat it with anything. My Southern relatives only buy butter for baking purposes. They use margerine everyday. Ick!

3. When I was young, I frequently suffered from nose bleeds. My father had the same affliction. Doctors had told my grandmother that they were like asthma in some children. I only had them when I was really upset. Like that time in third grade when I threw a ruler at another girl's head. Of course, she told the teacher. The teacher took me into the hallway to have a little chat. Before she could say anything, my nose started gushing and she sent me to the office. I never did get that lecture. Sometimes I wish that I had not outgrown the nosebleeds. They certainly came in handy.

4. I cannot stand absolute quiet. That's why the TV runs all night long. I have tried using the sleep timer. The problem is that as soon as the TV clicks off, I am wide awake.

5. I hate the sound of my alarm clock. Actually, any alarm clock. If I set the alarm, I tend to wake up five minutes before the alarm is due to go off just so I can shut it off. If I have the misfortune of having to room with someone who hits the snooze a great deal -- like my college roommate -- I want to rip the clock to shreds. When I stay with her now, I can hear her alarm in the guest room down the hall. That's how sensitive I am.

I'm not really up for tagging anyone. If you really want to, go for it.

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  1. I love Gattaca, although not because I have a six-fingered relative.