Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not food

I was going to cook more food yesterday but I guess after three consecutive days of creating stuff, I needed a break. Maybe I'll find the energy today because I still have stuff in the fridge that will go bad if I don't cook it soon.

So instead, I present this today. I bought the flowers on Saturday to place on the table. After I released the cats from the bedroom, I thought about throwing them out. Because lilies are highly poisonous to cats. There was a discussion about this on Laurie's blog a while back. Funny thing though. Apparently the cats are quite content to lie by the vase while looking out the window. Yes, Natasha has decapitated almost all of the roses but neither cat has touched the lilies. I think they must realize how bad the flowers are. Or maybe it's something about the strong smell that permeates the apartment.

Oh! Something food-related did happen yesterday. I received a call from the Chipotle location I like to frequent. Apparently I am a winner in their drawing and can now receive a dinner for four anytime through July 8. Two years ago I entered their drawing when I worked at the tutoring center. I won lunch for all of the employees. And the day they gave us to receive our lunch? My birthday. I'm starting to think that my birthday season now involves some combination of Kate Spade, Chipotle, and Cesar.

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