Monday, June 11, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

Overall this weekend was pretty slacker-ish. I did make a brief appearance out and about on Friday but not much else other than that. (And please don't make me talk about Friday because I'm still trying to get the picture of the 60-year-old guy trying to talk me into coming over to check out his HDTV out of my mind.) Besides procrastinating on completing report cards.

(1) I added a new word to my vocabulary -- "slut-tastic." Thank you, Mo'nique. And if Brooke didn't think that this word described her to a tee, then she is in need of serious help.

(2) The bad guys on British TV are really hot looking. I thought that Azazeal must have been a fluke but the hotness keeps coming. Suddenly a life of sin and degradation has now become appealing.

(3) I found a really cool dry cleaner over in Temescal. A dress, two shirts, a jacket, and a futon cover for only $35. OK. They do make you pay cash up front. If it hadn't been for the futon cover, I would have been out of there for under $10 though. Squeeeee!!!

(4) Do not open the car door after you have turned on the dome light. Otherwise you might forget that you have turned on the light. Because the light usually stays on for a bit after you close the door. This all would have been fine if my car then did not sit for two days with the light in the on position. Yes, I had to call for a jump start. The road service folks told me it would be a 30 minute wait. The guy showed up in ten. At least something's going right.

(5) If I fall asleep on the futon in the living room, I will awake to find a cat curled up next to me. They don't do this with the bed. There must be something magical about the futon. Or they've figured out that I am going to leave them next weekend while I head to Kate's wedding in SoCal.

And now I am going to meditate upon my closet. It seems that I have an interview -- what a surprise -- this afternoon.

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