Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On its way

Yesterday I broke down and made my first purchase for myself in some time. I'm starting to think that since the sale is an annual event right before my birthday that I should just get in the habit of making an annual purchase. An early birthday present for myself each year.

This is the bag I got this year. But mine is navy. Although I did seriously consider this color as well. And yes, I know that I already own a messenger bag. But it has profanity on it -- even if it is written kind of small and lightly. So that doesn't make it all that work friendly. Also it's bright yellow. I know this was probably not your choice, Laurie, as it is the only color messenger bag available from Cafe Press. But when I was traveling in December, I frequently got comments like, "So you've brought your own life boat?" while waiting around in airports.

And I like to think that the purchase was a part of positive thinking. When I return to my old job (No, they haven't called yet.), the new bag will be perfect for work. Oh, and another thought. After I've returned it will mean that next year I should be able to buy two bags during the sale. Squeeeee!

OK. That's just too much excitement for me. I must return to the drudgery of laundry, cleaning, and packing. Because I'm off for SoCal tomorrow after work.

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