Monday, May 5, 2008

New month

Now this might not sound exciting to some of y'all but when you find yourself at home with your knee wrapped in a bandage and propped under some pillows. And then realize that you don't have anything to make a complete meal. And you're really hungry. Well, the start of a new month can be downright exciting. Because Poulet and Gregoire change their menus monthly. Gregoire won out this time.

Grilled artichoke.

Pancetta wrapped pork loin. And that stuff on top? Melted Gruyere.

And no trip to Gregoire is complete unless there are potato puffs.

After ordering, I almost kicked myself for not ordering the strawberry bread pudding with chocolate cream. But then I remembered the carrot cupcakes from Poulet in the fridge at home.

Yep. Life is good these days. Oh, and I will be hitting Poulet on a Thursday this month. Because the Thursday special? Greek chicken phyllo pie with feta & olives served with roasted zucchini. Maybe I should go this Thursday...

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