Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Empress does the burbs

Anyone who knows me well knows my feelings about suburbia. So what would make me head into the burbs on a weekend? One word. Firefighters.

Firefighters will make me do all kinds of thing. I did not demonstrate my limits though. If they had asked? Oh hell yeah.

There is a firefighter who reads to Jade's kids each year. And each year he throws a party for his birthday. A house party with a DJ. Just let that marinate a bit. And he invites his coworkers. Basically it is a houseful of hot men with some good music and hell of a lot of alcohol.

Now since Jade is married, she feels it is her duty to find me a man when we go out to occasions like this. We arrived at the party close to 10 and Jade said that we would need to leave around midnight. What the hell? Fortunately the boy whom Jade had picked out lived near the place where I had left my car. Yeah, I talked to him. He had escaped to the living room because the music was a little too loud for him. So we played pool. (Yes, there was a pool table in the living room.) Jade left and the firefighter boy gave me a ride to my car. No phone number exchange or anything though.

So I stopped at my fave bar on my way home. My bartender said that he could make me one drink since they had just had last call. I told him that I didn't need a drink. I really didn't. I just stopped in to say hi. And to pee. There was no way possible I was going to make it all the way home.

And today? My head is killing me. I need to rehydrate. But for the first time in weeks, I had fun over the weekend. Now I'm going to look at the random photos I took last night.

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