Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

... also known as the only reason why I'd be insane enough to go to Berkeley Bowl on a Sunday morning.

It all started because my father has been "hinting" that he'd like some osso buco for a few months already. But Berkeley Bowl didn't have any veal shanks so I improvised.

Artichoke stuffed with shrimp.

Salad of escarole with grapes and proscuitto-wrapped pears.

Braised lamb shanks with saffron risotto, and green beans with mint, pine nuts and white onion.

Unfortunately the double latte I just had in the last hour only gave me enough energy for the above. If I had more energy, I would tell you about the point in the evening when I almost lost it. At least my dad was appreciative; today, that's the only other person whose opinion matters. And while I do not have enough energy to write more, I also am a little too awake now to go to sleep. So I'm off to the kitchen to make a cocktail to counter the effects of the caffeine.

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