Monday, June 2, 2008


Late Sunday afternoon, I realized something. I basically survived on liquids the entire weekend. No, I do not mean alcohol but there was plenty of that. I mean fruit juice and soup. Perhaps this is why instead of feeling like a beached whale, I was actually having what could be the start of the "skinny week." (I know I've mentioned it before but I don't feel like digging through my archives. If you're new around here, I mean the one week during the month during which one is not retaining water.) I am just happy that it coincided with the party.

My plan was to cook up a beef roast. There would be no need to leave home because I had everything, or so I thought. There was no horseradish in the fridge. How did I let this happen? Horseradish comes in second to having at least four types of mustard. I always have horseradish. Except for Sunday.

I briefly thought of having the roast without the horseradish but that seemed perfectly ridiculous. And so ended my self-imposed hibernation/recovery. I guess the hard part was my new resolve to once more walk to places instead of doing so much driving. And then I had to convince myself that it was better to go to the lower-priced store that was a little bit farther away. (On my way home, I suddenly remembered why I had originally thought of going to the closer, more expensive place. I dished out the last of the canned cat food in the cabinet Sunday. This means that I will definitely have to go tonight.) And on my way home, a couple of things popped into my head -- bacon and puff pastry.

That's right, peeps. It's June and Gregoire has a new menu. Ecuadorian shrimp wrapped in bacon and puff pastry.

I patiently waited at the counter for my food. While waiting, I heard some awful words being spoken to the cashier. "There are only two more orders of the shrimp." Thank goodness I got there when I did. I have been dreaming of the shrimp since I read the June menu on Friday. Oh, and let me admit my other fascination with Gregoire. The guy who works the grill in the front? Kind of cute. And do you know how hot it is to see a cute guy cooking several dishes at once? Rates right up there with being in a room of hot male firefighters.

Woo. I'm going to grab something cool to drink. And I'll be back with more food adventures. And maybe tales of therapy since I have an appointment this week.

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