Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy birthday to me.

I am sitting here at work, desperately waiting for this one instructor to finish up his paperwork so that I can lock up. This happens whenever I am closing the center and have plans for the evening. If it were not for him, I could have been gone a half hour ago. What really sucks is that it's my birthday and I'm not working this weekend. There are cocktails waiting for me at the bar if I could just get out of this place. Well, that's after I escape the lamb chop dinner awaiting me at my mother's house.

Oh, and I will be posting pictures of the birthday loot over the weekend. I already received dad's gift on Sunday. I'll just say that those who like to cook may drool over the photo.

Gotta go light a fire under this guy's ass or I'll be here all night.

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