Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pictures soon

So by the time I left work on Thursday, it was 8:30. Then it was time for the half hour drive to my mom's. The lamb chops were tasty. I got home close to midnight. After being up since 6:30, I was too tired to go out. The good thing was that I did not have to work on Friday or Saturday.

On Friday I went to finally purchase a bed. The purchase is complete but who knows when I will actually receive the bed. I'm hoping that it will be sometime this week.

Friday night I was on my way out to look for food. I ran into my neighbor. She was in search of tonic as she had vodka but no tonic. As luck would have it, I had tonic. She then invited me over for dinner. The other dinner guests were this guy she has been seeing who lives upstairs and one of his coworkers. After the cocktails, the four of us managed to consume three bottles of wine. If I had been thinking, I would have taken pictures of the meal. The main course was salmon in puff pastry. She had even shaped the pastry like a fish and "cut" little fins into the pastry. Natasha and I crawled our way back across the hall around 2.

Saturday I awoke and realized that I was wearing a cat muffler. (Natasha had fallen asleep across my throat.) I also realized that I had invited people over for a party. Around 2 (there's that number again) I finally rallied to go shopping. I didn't take photos of the food spread because you've seen most of it before.

I guess I am still suffering from party curse. Only four folks showed up. Luckily they were gone by 11. I quickly touched up make-up and headed out. At my new fave bar, I discovered that the cute bartender was working. I made sure to sit at his bar. There was also a cool band in from Santa Barbara. At the end of the evening, the bartender was impressed that I remembered our conversation about Crash. He doesn't go to movies often so I feel it is my duty to see that he sees more movies. On the way out the door, I met a cute Persian guy. Actually he was more pretty than cute. His bachelor's is in computer science and he's been working at Oracle. He has quit to go back to school and get his master's in economics. He was nice to look at but other than that ...

I suppose that I should head to bed (alone) now that my liver has started talking to me once more. I'll have photos of gifts after tomorrow. My mom went to exchange my gift for another color and I pick it up tomorrow.

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