Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Forgotten conversation

I have been very good so far and have not gone out since Sunday. So the muscle spasms in my back have kind of slowed me down but I hope to be back in shape by Friday. This is all thanks to my wonderful friend, Flexeril. Of course, it does make it difficult to stay awake in the daytime. Then again it is well worth it because the throbbing pain has stopped.

After my last post, I realized that I had left out a conversation I had wanted to share. As I mentioned, on Sunday I went to Beckett's to catch the second half of the World Cup finals. (I would have watched the first half there as well but I had difficulty getting motivated.) During the game, I was speaking to this Irish couple and their new friend. The friend was rather fascinating. After they left, Grasshopper and I had to do a recap of the afternoon.

Grasshopper: What were you talking to that guy about?

Me: His love of cooking Indian food. Also, he is apparently an undergrad. He kept talking about his fraternity.

Grasshopper: Do his frat brothers know that he used to be a girl?

Me: I'm not sure but that question did cross my mind while talking to him.

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