Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sometimes I should not be allowed to shop

Yesterday I came home for lunch so that I could drop off my car before heading to campus. (The sticker on my car allows me to park for more than two hours in my neighborhood but not near the area of campus to which I was headed.) There was also the bonus of being able to feast on my leftovers from The Dead Fish. (I went there on Sunday for dinner with my dad and his relatives. I made a pig of myself and had the prime rib and crab.) It was unbearably hot in my apartment so I took a peek into one of the cabinets. There was indeed a bottle of rum in there. The plan was that on my way home from work, I would head to Andronico's to pick up some mint, limes, and maybe a little more club soda.

Everything started off according to plan. The club soda was on sale so I picked up a few bottles. One can never have too much club soda. Then I decided to head over to the deli section when I remembered that you can now get prepackaged containers of their curried chicken salad. I almost made it to the checkout with just these items.

The cheese case at Andronico's

Suddenly I remembered that this was one of my favorite comfort foods. I deserved some comfort foods after this past week. I hadn't had the crack cheese in some time so yes, I deserved some of that as well. Next thought? Well there is that fabulous duck liver truffle pate in the deli. I managed to have some willpower in the bakery section by reminding myself that I already had two pints of Haagen Dazs in the freezer. I thought I was done picking up items until I remembered yet another favorite in the cheese section -- Double Devon Cream. That stuff is pure heaven. But what to put it on? Easy. Back to the bakery section to pick up the yummy scones from Sconehenge. With that I was out of the store -- finally.

The chicken salad is gone and I am working my way through the cheese and pate. The scones and cream might actually last through the week. All I know is that I am quite happy now -- and have shut the carry-on.

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