Sunday, July 23, 2006

Taking names

I know that I normally don't post on Sundays but this one couldn't wait. Sometimes there's stuff that you just have to get out of your system so that you can move on.

Little did I know what would be in store for me this month when I read my Hor-O-Scope. So I can be a bit intrusive but does that mean that giving up that behavior should turn me into prey?

Friday night I got myself dressed up and headed to the usual place to meet up with Grasshopper. She was at a movie and wouldn't get there until later. I ended up at the upstairs bar because that's where my fave bartender was working. I eventually went out to have a cigarette and who do I run into? Yep. You guessed it. Stalker Guy!

Stalker Guy: Hi. How are you?

Me: Ummm. Hi.

Stalker Guy: When you gave me your phone number you didn't think that I would actually call, did you?

Me: Ummm. I'm not sure.

Around this time I was wishing for one of those cigarettes that Janeane Garoflo's character invented.

Stalker Guy: Well, I was really flattered when you gave it to me.

Me: Ummmm. Thanks.

At this point, I decided that I really did not need the nicotine. I quickly put out the cigarette and went back into the comfort of the bar. I also promptly ordered another cocktail. I then sent a text message to Grasshopper to let her know that the creep had returned.

My bartender introduced me to the guy sitting next to me at the bar who as it turns out is a law student. He asked me about my day. I told him about Stalker Guy. As if on cue, Stalker Guy came strolling past. Once he spotted me, he took up a position within view.

Law Student: The guy who just walked by is the guy you were talking about, isn't he?

Me: Yep. He's pretty creepy.

Law Student: He lives in my building. You're right about the creepy. He gives me a weird feeling. When he walked by, I was happy that you were sitting here. It thought that he was going to come up to me to talk. It's not you. The guy is just weird.

See? This guy creeps out other guys. We discussed Stalker Guy some more and then started talking about living in California and law school. During all of this, Stalker Guy kept hovering. I got up to go to the bathroom. While I was waiting in line outside the door, Stalker Guy passed by as if he was checking to see where I was. When I returned to the bar, I shared this tidbit. I started debating whether I should say something to the staff. Then Grasshopper showed up. I caught her up on everything and she decided that enough was enough. Since I had his phone number, she sent him a text message. "Leave my friend alone." Our bartender told us to not mess with the creepy guy. We laughed. Grasshopper went out for a cigarette. Law Student was going downstairs to meet up with his friend but he was going to wait for me so that I would not be alone.

I went out only to find Grasshopper having it out with Stalker Guy. As I slipped past, I heard her say, "Sociopath." Neither one of them saw me so I slipped over to the stairs with my cig and cocktail. I was able to watch everything perfectly from there through the safety of the railing. I also explained what was going on to the guy sitting near me. This guy's older brother walked over and wouldn't you know it? I had met this guy previously when I had had the brilliant idea to head out the night before my birthday. We heard Grasshopper threatening to have Stalker Guy banned from the bar. Not an empty threat. We have that kind of power. Then Grasshopper walked back into the bar. By then Stalker Guy had spotted me and came over to apologize. I told him to go away. He did. Hopefully I will never see him again.

Once Grasshopper returned, the guys on the stairs and I shared another story with her. I had last seen the older brother on Sunday night when I was walking home. Paramedic Boy had volunteered to walk part of the way with me. Older Brother said that he came up to me that night because he had been behind us and had realized that there was someone following us. Say what??? Around the time that he came over to talk, Paramedic Boy got a call on his cellphone. It was his friend who was back at the bar asking where he was. I told him to go and rejoin his friend. Obviously I made it home in one piece. So back to the guy following us. By Older Brother's description, the guy was Paramedic Boy's friend. You know. The one who was supposedly back at the bar. Now I am completely freaked out. I also wish that Paramedic Boy would call. I so want to rip him a new one at this point.

I toyed with the idea of going out on last night but I just couldn't seem to get motivated. Part of it was the heat. Part of it was the nervousness, the fear. I didn't want to admit the last part. But I've made a vow to go out tonight because I refuse to let the fear rule my life. And I'm going back to stalking and snooping and all that other stuff. Because it sucks to be on the other side of it.

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